Oculus Foto Festival (OFF) is an Italian non-profit association founded in 2022 by Paul di Felice, Claire Baldo and Massimo Stefanutti.

It develops its activities in various fields of contemporary art, in particular in the field of photography and image-related expressions.

Oculus Foto Festival introduces the EMOP (European Month Of Photography) festival for the first time in Venice with works from the 2021 and 2023 editions in dialogue with a selection of contemporary artists and Italian photographers from the Circolo La Gondola photographic archive – founded at the end of 1947 and recognised in Europe as ‘l’école de Venise’ – at the Palazzo Fortuny Museum and the Bugno Art Gallery.


Museo Fortuny

Venice - 6 October 2023 / 15 January 2024

Rethinking Landscape VS Rethinking Identity

Curated by Claire Baldo and Paul di Felice

Oculus Foto Festival (OFF) presents, in collaboration with the EMOP (European Month of Photography) festival, a selection of emerging European artists who propose a reflection on the contemporary representation of nature and identity.

Based on the last two editions of EMOP (European Month Of Photography), this exhibition present a new selection of contemporary works and European artists working on topical issues related to human relations with the environment, as well as issues of gender and identity in a context of social change.

As part of the Oculus Foto Festival, this edition of exhibitions and meetings will establish a new platform for emerging European photographic creation in Venice.

Bugno Art Gallery

Venice - 6 October 2023

Rethinking Landscape

Curated by Claire Baldo and Paul di Felice

In this exhibition, the concept presented focuses mainly on the theme of Rethinking Landscape, proposing a three-vision dialogue between contemporary photography, a selection of photographs from the Circolo fotografico La Gondola archive (from 1950 to 1980) and a selection of works by recent members that reinterpret the theme of the Venetian and Veneto region.

Exhibiting Artists

Museo Fortuny

Vanja Bučan 
Sequences of Truth And Deception

Krystyna Dul 
Becoming series III, V,
in collaboration with Keven Erickson

Marco Godinho
Remember (What Is Missing)
Forever Immigrant (Tattoo) #1

Jojo Gronostay
Totem II

Family Portrait
Vista Point

Lisa Kohl
BLINDSPOT, Bihaç | Bosnian-Croatian Border


Daphné Le Sergent 
L’image extractive, 
Silver halide grains 2, con il gentile contributo di Atelier Boba

Lívia Melzi
Autoportrait, In collaboration with Glicéria Tupinambà & Leo Eloy

Cristina Nuñez 
Higher Self series

Bruno Oliveira 
In Ore Gloria
Sonhos de menino

Bugno Art Gallery

Maria-Magdalena Ianchis
Memories Of Kötlujökull

Vista Point

Lisa Kohl
BLINDSPOT, Bihaç | Bosnian-Croatian Border

Claude Iverné
“Some Trees” Des Arbres

Danila Tkachenko

Circolo Fotografico La Gondola

Photographers from the archive
Toni Del Tin, Sergio Del Pero, Massimo Stefanutti, Giovanni Manisi, Fabio Scarpa, Giorgio Giacobbi, Giancarlo Sala, Capuis Roberto.

Participants from the Circolo
Antonio Baldi, Marino Bastianello, Luciano Bettini, Aldo Brandolisio, Ilaria Brandolisio, Fabrizio Brugnaro, Roberto Capuis, Dario Caputo, Paola Casanova, Carlo Chiapponi, Mariateresa Crisigiovanni, Sergio Del Pero, Toni Del Tin, Giorgio Giacobbi, Giovanni Manisi, Marzio Minorello, Matteo Miotto, Letizia Molon, Giancarlo Sala, Fabio Scarpa, Massimo Stefanutti, Teresa Turacchio, Fabrizio Uliana, Anna Zemella


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